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I'm Mohamed Hafidi, a Full Stack Web Developer

I am a full stack web developer(Laravel/Vue.js) based in Morocco and i am been building websites for years, which bring companies ideas to life. I help convert visions and ideas into meaningful and useful software products. Having the ability to transform requirements into useful website helps me prioritize tasks, iterate fast and deliver faster. Take a look at my portfolio work and lets see if we can work together on your next project.

Name: Mohamed Hafidi
Age: 22
From: Tiflet, Morocco

My Skills

I am a creative problem solver. I built full websites from scratch using laravel, Vue.js, SQL, Javascript, Bootstrap, HTML and CSS. I have highlighted my key technical skills that i will bring to your project.

Laravel 8

I use Laravel on a daily basis to build websites. You can see examples of my work implementing Laravel in my projects sections.

Vue 3

I use Vue to build single-page applications websites. take a look on my SPAs applications in my work projects section.

Bootstrap 5

The look and feel are very important elements to any project. I utilize Bootstrap to bring an attractive design to your web projects.

Front End Development

I use HTML, CSS and Javascript to build attractive responsive frontends for websites. Take a look on my frontend in the projects section.

Database Development

Database Development is critical to most projects. I am well versed in SQL development from queries to design.


i use Git on a daily basis for tracking and handling everything from small to very large projects with speed and efficiency.


Showcasing complete functional project demonstrates what i can bring to your project. I built these projects from the ground up to demonstrate skill front-end, back-end, security and database development. All these projects are fullstack web projects and with a live demo so you can see my work without to have to demo it. Contact me to get a complete code walk through.

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